The Costume Mansion is housed in the upper floors of two historic buildings: The Lady Adams Building and The Howard House. Directly upstairs from Evangeline's, our novelty gift shop, one enters the Costume Mansion from the boardwalk either by glass elevator or the grand staircase.

Touring the two floors you will encounter various rooms.

The Gothic Chamber

Many are comforted by the darkness. Witches and slayers, classic horror characters and… you?

The Lab

Evil doctors and mad butchers are at home here. And beguiling nurses of course.

The Jungle

Silent and deadly ninjas, army gear, and ceaseless drumming of unseen natives surround you on all sides. Beware of snakes!


Saloon gals, cowboys, flappers, gangsters, French maids, and señoritas sure make for a fun crowd in the Saloon! Ride the pony for 10¢.

Renaissance Room

Beyond this place, thar be pirates. Thar also be Roman goddesses, medieval maidens, tavern keepers, and weaponry for all.

Storybook Land

Fairy tales come to life, with princesses and villains dwelling together in peace. Find Red Riding Hood, Alice, Peter Pan and Dorothy's whole bunch.


Get your funk on! Travel back in time to the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's.

The Circus

Would you be a ringmaster or a clown?

Explore further by playing our Murder & Mayhem Scavenger Hunt… and get a prize. And be sure to take home a collectible Costume Mansion magnet available for free at the register area.